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The top 60 Instagram influencers in India

The top 60 Instagram influencers in India

Influencer marketing has been on the rise over the last few years, and shows no signs of slowing down in India. Instagram influencers are to influencer marketing what Yin is to Yang. So any conversation about it is incomplete without a reference to Instagram influencers. Convince and Convert reports that as a channel, influencer marketing has 11x more ROI than traditional display ads. So why not take time out to learn a bit more about it?

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With over 25 million business profiles on the Instagram platform, as a marketer you have a wide variety of influencers to choose from for collaborations. But of course you need to be a bit more savvy - it’s essential to choose influencers who resonate with your brand and come across as authentic. Gone are the days when any Bollywood celebrity could get the job done.

Marketers need to be careful about the influencers they partner with. A recent study shows that Indian instagram influencers have over 16 million fake followers (the third highest number globally after the US and Brazil). Maybe this is where TikTok comes in, but that’s another story altogether.

How to choose Instagram influencers

So what is the criteria for choosing Instagram influencers? You definitely don’t want to be caught in a vicious circle where you end up spending marketing dollars on influencers who have little to no ROI on account of their fake followers.

What should you consider when looking for Instagram influencers to work with? Depending on your brand or campaigns, these are some of the factors you should consider.

How important it is to choose the right instagram influencers - survey

The weightage given by global marketing/comms professionals based on our report " The global State of Influencer marketing in 2019".

  • Relevance: How relevant is the influencer with regard to your brand identity and brand message? Does the influencer’s audience consist mainly of Gen Z or Gen Y? Do you sell to Gen Z or Gen Y? These are some of the things to consider when you’re assessing the relevance of the influencer.

  • Quality of content: The quality of the content produced by the influencer is a huge factor - maybe even more important than the first. Does the influencer constantly have fresh, engaging content on their channels? Or is it something that is more often than not a quick fix? If it’s a quick fix then it is probably not going to generate the kind of engagement you want.

  • Engagement: How many of the followers are actually engaging with the influencer? Great content is always good but influencers with followers that don’t engage with the great content that they produce? That’s not what you’re looking for.

  • Size: This one is debatable but still a consideration. How big is your influencer’s following?

    Of course earlier, people would advise marketers to go for the biggest influencers they could find, however, not anymore. It’s the age of micro influencers and nano influencers. You want to find the influencers with the most engaged following - the ones who are taken seriously and actually can influence on their followers. Yes, Kim Kardashian looks nice in a certain kind of outfit, but how many followers would purchase the outfit based on its wearability.

  • Price: Unless you’re an influencer yourself, chances are that influencer collaborations won't come for free. So maybe you’ve found the perfect influencer based on all of the above criteria but they’re pricey, and if you’re just starting out, proving ROI can be a real pain. So better to go easy on the level of investment.

What are your KPIs?

marketing KPIs - choosing Instagram influencers - India

Before you go ahead and finalize your collaboration with influencers, just remember why you want to work with them. What is the main reason for you to collaborate with Instagram influencers?

Once you’ve figured that out, it’s important to be on the same page about the metrics you will use to measure success.

If your objective is brand awareness, then use engagement related KPIs such as...

  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Comments
  • Increase in number of followers for the brand

And more.

If your objective is revenue...

  • Use ROI - an easy way to do it is through influencer promo codes
  • # of sales

If your objective is customer loyalty...

  • Look at the repeat purchases from customers
  • Look at traffic from a targeted audience
  • Purchases from your newsletter and more

Best Instagram influencers to get your started

To help you get started on your journey with Instagram influencer collaborations, I’ve put together a list of influencers from some common categories so you can take your pick. In most cases I’ve tried to include influencers who also have email addresses in their bio so you can get in touch directly.

So without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Instagram checklist

Fashion Instagram influencers in India

Travel Instagram influencers in India

Food Instagram influencers in India

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    Eid Mubarak! My first experience of Eid al-Adha was in Lucknow with Nawab Masood Abdullah in 2012. He explained to me that particularly on BAKRID all parts of the Goat after Qurbani are shared with neighbors, friends and the poor to mark this festival. It took sometime or me to understand these rituals not only as a chef but also as a person who comes from a different 'religious background'. It made me realise that when we are growing up we are only shown the world from a certain filter - it is only when you travel with open arms and mingle with communities across you truly grow as an individual and you unlearn to learn new cultures and cuisines. I still fondly remember the taste of that perfectly cooked Mutton Pasanda, Biryani, Seekh and Sheer Kurma that Nawab Masood very kindly shared with me and how he welcomed me into his home with open arms. It was a very special Eid for me. If you'll swipe right you'll see few new additions to our GBC menu which will add to this days festivity. . . . #sadakchef #eidmubarak #eid #eidaladha #eid2019 #goilabutterchicken

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Social media instagram Influencers in India

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    Best sandwich ever.

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Health Instagram influencers in India

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    Been about 4 years since I began meditating and exactly 1 year since I began my ADVANCED meditation practice at Yogananda Satsang Society (YSS). These are some of the lessons that my spiritual practice has taught me :- . 1. Never be foolish enough to think that you were born on this planet to simply earn money and die. The spiritual game is 100 times more important than the career game, for your long term peace. . 2. Western science is slowly catching up with Indian philosophies of Yoga, meditation and spirituality. The west is only now discovering the scientific power of meditation & Pranayam on the human mind. These are the first of many BIOLOGICAL discoveries that the West will make over the coming years. Spirituality and biology go hand in hand. 3. Your brain and body are built to do more than what you've been taught that they can do. It is for you to chase that possibility. The starting point is REGULAR meditation. . 4. Long term Meditation will improve your stamina, brain power, creativity, stability and even help in developing strategies for your life. Meditation destroys certain parts of your brain and builds up certain other parts. 5. The CORRECT spiritual books help a LOT. Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda Paramhansa is my top recommendation. It is a very heavy book to read. If you want something simpler, go for Lost Wisdom of The Swastika by Ajay Chaturvedi. Or Doorways to Light by Krishnananda. 6. Most people unfortunately don't discover spirituality in their lifetimes. And many people's thoughts are limited thanks to society and education. So spirituality is often looked down upon as an escapism or madness or timepass. Never let people's limited perceptions limit your beliefs and practices. Only the determined will succeed on this path. 7. The spiritual game does involve SACRIFICES. Giving up alcohol & meat will be the biggest PHYSICAL changes you create for your body's environment. But never for a second believe that you need to give up on MODERN living. You don't need to renounce the world for spiritual growth. You can be married and still reach the PEAK of spirituality. You can chase CAREER SUCCESS & SPIRITUAL SUCCESS together.

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Photography Instagram influencers in India

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    Happy #independenceday #India 🇮🇳 On this day for my country, I really hope one of the most important & neglected govt jobs is given more credit & a stronger impetus by the respected PM @narendramodi To, our Humble #Teachers whose knowledgeable Light can Shine on every Child of India and truly put the country on the road to progress. Last evening was having a conversation with a friend in #Mumbai who was talking about an old & neglected School Music teacher and his dire plight, it made me think of this Man, Mr. Vijay Kumar ( if i recollect his name right ) that I met at #Kalpa Govt Middle School in August of 2017. So here we were three men , my father from #USA a Naval Officer, my Uncle a #Canadian & himself a #teacher with #YMCA and me an #Actor from #Mumbai casually strolling amongst the sheer raw beauty of the #kalpakinnaurkailash & we walked by sheer chance into their School grounds. The teacher upon seeing us invited us into his class and asked us as #tourists to interact with the students and impart some knowledge, I on my part did not know what to say after my uncle & so decided to talk about my City #mumbai & how it is a unique city which runs on a North South Axis unlike other cities of the world, the students of course had questions about #Bollywood , which I did answer after my father told them that I was an Actor. But it made me realise the Importance of a GOOD open minded & learned teacher, the impact he can have on his students just like I always remember Ms.R Virk & Mr. ShivaKumar both English teachers in my School in #Lovedale in equally beautiful #OOTY who had such an impact on me , one got me into theatre & the other was so unique that we never forgot him ever, he taught us the importance of Vocabulary & using a Dictionary. #HimachalPradesh Where these Images were taken has one of the strongest School Systems of India where children even in the remotest of Villages have access to a School. I hope that for all of India 🇮🇳 on this day but more importantly for amazing teachers & good students like these whose hunger for knowledge makes some of them walk 5km a day to attend school in so many parts of the state of #Himachal #shotoniphone

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The influencer game is complicated enough on its own - you’ll find several lists of influencers online like this one. But the most important thing to keep in mind is your main objective - choose your KPIs wisely and measure, measure, measure!

Good luck!

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