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How a pharma company used social listening to empower patients

on 11/05/2021

Patients have become more and more empowered to gather knowledge and information about their health. They, along with caregivers and healthcare professionals, are increasingly turning to social media to connect with peers and share advice.

Combining Talkwalker’s powerful social listening platform with their own analysis framework, Convosphere was able to help a multinational pharmaceutical brand gain a deeper understanding of the emotions, motivations, and challenges experienced by MS patients.

The findings of this analysis can be used by HCPs and pharma companies to improve the experience and communication of the patient journey.

  • Understand the frustration and stress that is often felt during the pre-diagnosis and diagnosis stage and implement initiatives to reduce it
  • Identify relevant and safe online forums and communities to recommend to patients
  • Explore different management options to help alleviate patient frustration

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